Review Roundup: Here’s what the Wall Street Journal, Financial Times, USA Today, and more have to say about ‘The Alchemists’

April 29, 2013 No Comments by Neil

A slew of reviews have come out on The Alchemists in the last several days, and here are some highlights.

Raymond Zhong at The Wall Street Journal calls the book a “detailed and fast-moving account of these perilous years” as he takes issue with what he sees as the book’s portrayal of the leading central bankers as being like “superheroes.”

John Berry at USA Today calls the book an “engrossing” and “highly readable account” of how the major central banks responded to the crisis.

Bethany McLean, writing for The Washington Post, says the book “adds greatly to the understanding of the crises and their aftermath.”

Claire Jones at the Financial Times notes a range of detail in the book but argues history may treat the central bankers less kindly than The Alchemists does.

Christopher Whalen has a lengthy and detailed review at The National Interest, in which he argues that The Alchemists (and many standard accounts of the modern history of central banking) is unfair to Arthur Burns and toogenerous to Paul Volcker.

And in Canadian Business, Nicholas Hune-Brown looks at the almost magical power central bankers possess, to create money from thin air. This article also has the best art of any of these reviews:

From Canadian Business magazine

From Canadian Business magazine


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