Here’s what central bankers and critics around the world are saying about ‘The Alchemists’

August 10, 2013 No Comments by Neil

In an interview with the CBC, Stephen Poloz, the new governor of the Bank of Canada was asked what he has read lately. The answer: The Alchemists. Said Poloz, “It’s absolutely fascinating, that’s been written with a true insiders’ view. And knowing the people now makes it even more insightful for me.”

It wasn’t the only recent commentary on the book from commentators and critics across the globe.

Adam Creighton writes in The Australian that the book is “is a gripping tale of the interactions, decisions and motivations of the three key central bankers guiding the global monetary system during and after the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression.” and that “Irwin has done for the GFC what Liaquat Ahamed did so well in his 2009 Lords of Finance, which chronicled how the misguided policies of central banks exacerbated and prolonged the Great Depression in the 1930s.”

And at South Africa’s Financial Mail, where it was the “Book of the Week,” Ron Derby writes that “What Irwin does exceptionally well in his book is give the reader the context of how decisions were made by the bankers.”

In the New York Times’s “Financial Crisis Reading List,” Phillip Swagel calls The Alchemists “fascinating.”

And here, in German, is a piece about the book in Zurich’s Neue Zürcher Zeitung.

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