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Here’s what Reuters Breakingviews and National Journal have to say about ‘The Alchemists’

April 6, 2013 No Comments by Neil

Here’s what people are saying about The Alchemists, available now. Dominic Elliott at Reuters Breakingviews writes that the book “really provides spice … with a blow-by-blow account of the financial crisis and its aftermath” and that “it’s an achievement to produce a page-turner that also explains the various ideologies of central banking.” ” Elliott continues, “For […]

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Robert J. Samuelson: ‘The Alchemists’ is “splendid,” “gracefully written.”

April 3, 2013 No Comments by Neil

Syndicated columnist Robert J. Samuelson has a sharp new column looking at the failures of European authorities in Cyprus through the lens of the broader story told in the new book, “The Alchemists: Three Central Bankers and a World on Fire.” Samuelson writes: The bailout of Cyprus — if it can be called that — bore all the […]

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Here’s what four top authors have to say about Neil Irwin’s “The Alchemists”

March 1, 2013 No Comments by Neil

These are advance comments from four leading authors of books about economics and finance–Liaquat Ahamed, Alan S. Binder, Roger Lowenstein, and Sebastian Mallaby–about Neil Irwin’s  The Alchemists: Three Central Bankers and a World on Fire. Pre-order the book, available April 4 from The Penguin Press, here.   “Brilliantly reported and riveting, Neil Irwin’s The Alchemists is a must read […]

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